After many years of assisting our clients we noticed that we should clarify our service policies so that they would know more precisely what to expect from our guiding services, therefore, hiring us under knowingly circumstances. We find that the policies stated below will provide a more rewarding experience when you spend your time with us. It adapts the program we can provide the program you expect. Please read carefully the following policies and make sure you agree with all the listed terms before you hire any of our services.


1. All clients must fill out and sign a form before their first activity with the service and may be required to do so again in future events;

2.The guides/instructors have no obligation to take clients on certain routes if they think it will not be safe for either the guide or the client. It's a guide/instructor's call, based on your report and his/her observance, to decide the about the viability of the intended program/route. Please do not insist;

3. Minors must have a liability signed by a parent or guardian;

4. In case of client no show, there's a 50% fee. If you need to change plans we'll accept cancellations up to 60 hours in advance of your appointment. And on the discount activities for couples or groups, the departures must be attended by everyone according to the reservation. When clients, or one of the clients, do not show up for scheduled programs he/she/they automatically lose the right of the paid service although maintaining the obligation of paying;

5. Clients have the right of the companion of the guide for at least the period stipulated prior to the departure;

6. The length of the guiding is usually 3-4 hours for half day programs, 6-8 on full day programs;

7. If the team goes faster than the estimated time, the client has the right to request another route, or hike nearby. The guide will indicate what the possibilities are within the remaining time, if there's any.

8. No flip flops allowed. In case clients don't show up with the proper outfit, they might no be allowed to do the planned itinerary;

9. Climbing and hiking are energy draining activities that require great responsibility from those who experience. Once you made your reservation, make sure you had enough rest the night before. If you show up hung over or in conditions that, under the guides evaluation, may jeopardize the departure, the guide may cancel or postpone that and you'll be charged;

10. All clients must wear helmets and follow the indicated procedures during the programs in accordance to the standards set by the State Climbing Guides Association (Aguiperj).

Bad Weather

We don't climb in the rain and we have a very simple policy that eliminates potential confusion about bad weather. Regardless of the forecast in your local area, please check the weather outside before you leave and if you're in doubt, call us to confirm (we might be trying to contact you to re-schedule). Please, donīt assume it's not possible to go climbing before you contact the responsible guide. Once we confirm the outing, if we don't contact you one hour prior the departure, that's because the outing is still confirmed, and that the guide is going to the meeting spot.

Regardless our specific empirical knowledge acquired on the many ascents, trails and climbs over the decades in Rio's landscape, we also monitor the weather by looking at forecast websites regularly. This usually provides us with very accurate picture on what it should be like the conditions for the program's period. If you'd like to check it on your own, see the website below: