Our climbing guides are specialized in conducing people in many different types of terrain and also enjoy leading small groups for hikes as well. Hiking may be an alternative to climbing which is ideal for larger closed groups of people who want to enjoy the landscape of Rio, while hiking.

For better understanding of the program you may be looking for what we have crated the hikes according to the type of terrain, difficulty and the time spent.

Let us know what type of trail meets your desire and we'll indicate some of the most classic itinerary's of Rio.

Sugar Loaf

Pedra da Gavea

Primatas waterfall


Sugar Loaf
3-4 hours moderate-scrambling  
The Sugar Loaf has a beautiful scrambling route on its east face. It is considered to be of easy to moderate access, with only one technical stretch. Safety ropes are installed in this stretch to protect the participant climbing up a 10-meter wall (5.4). From this route the hiker can see the mouth of the Guanabara Bay, where in January of 1502 a Portuguese exploratory voyage led by Gaspar de Lemos.

Unlike most mountains in the world, Sugar Loaf offers at the top a snack bar, toilets and a free cable car ride back down. The best time of the day to adventure in this route is in the afternoon (2-3 pm) to escape from the heat and the sun.

Pedra da Gavea
6-8 hours long up hill-scrambling  
Pedra da Gavea is a mystic mountain. There is a legend that says that the Phoenicians sculpted their emperor a long time ago when they traveled here, way before the Portuguese colonization.

Truth or not, the mountain indeed resembles a sculpted sphinx, and although being it just a legend, it looks quite intriguing. It's located in between the neigborhoods of São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca. The hike has some scrambling and almost at the top, safety ropes are installed so the participant can climb 10-15 meters of steeper terrain before accessing the summit. In average it takes 5-7 hours. Meeting time usually arround 7 - 8 am.

Primatas Waterfall
2-3 hours medium terrain  
Cachoeira do Primatas is a very refreshing waterfall, perfect for those Rio hot summer days. That's located in the charming neigborhood of Jardim Botanico. The hike is moderate and there is a great possibility of spotting some primates and toucans along the way The whole program should take 3 hours and can be done either in the morning or in the afternoon.

3-4 hours moderate terrain  
The Corcovado Mountain, carved in the middle of the city, is Rio 's natural lookout It is considered one of the best views of Rio. The hike up the mountain has just been signalized and maintained by the Park Service and can be done in about 3-4 hours round trip. Option: The descent can be avoided by taking the little train down to the neighborhood of Cosme Velho, Rio's old town.