Our goal is to provide a customized service that includes the identification of your climbing background to then indicate an appropriate route or itinerary. It shall be something nor too hard, neither too easy, in order to provide you a rather rewarding experience when climbing with us. We believe there's more learning, reward and safety when these considerations are made. Another important aspect considered by us, is to climb on the shade. Most rock faces are in the shade either in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the season. Note that during the summer months (December-March) some of the climbing routes may not be available due to the lack of shade on them.

For a better understanding regarding the climbing options available in Rio, we've selected bellow the routes we indicate the most. These are the most classic routes that can be done here. They are in the formats* of half-day (3-4 hours) or full day (6-8 hours), and are all within the city of Rio, a cab (or bus) ride away from you.

You might also request specific information on routes not listed here at anytime by contacting us at guides@rioclimbingguides.com

*Time frame includes approach and descent.

The Italians route on Sugar Loaf

3-4 hours* 5.9+

*4-6 hours when summiting

italins_linePerhaps Rio's most classic line of its grade, The Italians route follows the west arete of the Sugar Loaf mountain. A monolithic dome immersed between Guanabara bay and the Atlantic Ocean, it guarantees an outstanding panorama of the wonderful city. The route provides about 350 feet (three pitches) of face climbing on small holds and crimps at a sustained 5.9. Has a couple 5.10 technical cruxes all the way to the ending cave from which it is possible to top out by taking a via ferrata (cables), for 400 feet, or four more pitches of 5.7 face climbing linking the end of another route.

Shade is on this face in the morning, all year long, until around 10 pm Approach takes about 25-35 minutes.
The descent can be done by the cable car at no additional charge until the Morro da Urca mountain, from where a 15-25 minutes down hike leads to the ground.


Corcovado´s K-2 route

3-4 hours 5.9

K-2 route is a complete route that includes all types of technique, ranging from lie backs, foot jams, smearing and crimps. Rated 5.9, it,s 450 feet long, and is usually done in 5 small pitches, due to its zig-zags. This face is on the shade in the afternoon or all day long during the local winter (April-September). It's known for it's high exposure. Starting at 800 feet from the mountain's base it guarantees an spectacular view of Rio on clear days (photo). It's Rio's top three of its grade. The approach takes about 30-60 minutes, by foot or paid shuttle.
The descent is made through the road that takes the regular tourists to the top of the mountain, that is the postcard of Rio, and takes from 20 (shuttle) to 40 minutes (walking).

The Eyes Traverse

6-9 hours 5.7C(5.11b)
eystraverse_lineThe most beautiful route of its grade, perhaps in the country, is located on the mythical monolith of Pedra da Gavea. A sphinx shaped mountain full of legends about Phoenicians who sculpted their emperor's face, Badesy, with an animal body. What they would not imagine was that Badesy's eyes would become an outstanding route for climbers. Going at the grade of 5.7 the participant must be used to climbing traverses since the climb has 60% of its 550 feet length in horizontal, and must also have a strong psychological skill because it's a traverse climb located in the middle of a giant overhang with a very impressive view of the drop.
The last two pitches starting from the right eye's cozy alcove is a via ferrata (cable) that ends on Badesy's right ear from where the summit can be reached in 20-30 minutes and the decent in 1-2 hours. It's in the shade all day during the summer and the approach hike takes around 1-2 hours.

Cantagalo rock

3-4 hours 5.6´s-5.11´s
Cantagalo is a crag with a bunch of two-to-three pitch routes ranging from 5.6 to 5.11 mostly on small crimp holds and near vertical terrain. Its almost inexistent approach and the proximity from the neighborhoods of Ipanema, Copacabana and Lagoa makes it a perfect option for those who will be staying in those areas while in Rio. Most of the routes there are in the shade in the morning (6-10am) during the summer.