In this section of the website, our guides share stories and images of some of their climbs on the walls of Rio de Janeiro and the world.

The Apocalyptic Eclipse (text)

A Conquista: uma estória de aventura (45

Ethnographic video (3-4min)

Sport climbing video (9 min)

  Updated in: 03/15/2012

Sponsor Our Adventures

We, as active climbers, always find ourselves needing some equipment and extra cash to cover the expenses of our adventures. Be it first ascents, climbing trips or repeating routes. Our clients are usually very supportive and often present us with gear or extra money that makes our climbing life more viable. We set this new section to improve aiding to our adventures. The climbs will be posted with pictures, text and/or films on the Adventure's section for everyone to see it. If you would like to support this initiative you may deposit any amount on the following account:

Bank: Bradesco
Branch: 1745-0
Account: 20724-1
Holder: Gustavo Sampaio Rego

Or send equipment and letters to the following address:

Rua das Laranjeiras 553/605
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 222240-005

We appreciate your attention and hope to hear from you soon.

Truly yours,
Gustavo Sampaio - Rio Climbing Guides Director